Saved By The Hack...

May 3, 2019

   There is no time to waste guys because as they say "Time is at the essence." With that being said and Bob Marley stating "don't you worry about a thing cause everything little thing is going to be alright" let's hop right into it.

   This blog today hits personal because I, too have suffered from being in a highlighter disaster. What I mean is that terrible moment, when you highlight the wrong sentence or worse... your clothes! SCHOOL HACK: Use you lemon juice and a cotton swab to clean off yellow highlighter.  Now does it work for other highlighter colors, why lemon juice specifically? Does it have to be fresh lemon juice or out a bottle? I don't know, my life hacks can only take you so far, so you guys can do your research. 

   Now, from my personal experience I was in English III AP and we where reading some poem from Ms. Emily Dickerson, or Dickinson. I always forget, but that is besides the point. I was highlighting a note in PINK highlighter. As I was about to put the top on the highlighter, it slipped, fell on the top of my WHITE shirt (mind you this was my first time wearing it and something told me to buy the black one) and my faith was sealed. My heart was broken and as frantic as I was about to come I cooled my noodles. Listen carefully because it is about to not get tricky.  If you read carefully you'd noticed I said "not", anyways I gave a bunch of Kleenex and some germ-X. I placed a ton on the Kleenex and dabbed at first and gently whipped the area. I didn't make it better and I didn't smudge it, after five minutes of hard labor my stress was relieved and my $20 tee was relieved of its struggles.

   That was that on that, and boy I learned my lesson. Never take notes in class. 

   Just kidding! You should definitely take notes, just don't be a neanderthal!

      Now typically I prefer to get my life lessons out the way first, and then choose to talk about a school hack more closely related but this blog turned out to be a little bit different because like I said it was personal.  But nevertheless I have a life lesson for you guys, it is short, simple, quirky, yet sweet. LIFE LESSONS 101: "nothing is impossible the word itself says 'im possible'" Thank your girl, Marilyn Monroe for that one.  If we are being honest I never had more faith in this quote until that day I dropped that highlighter. What a miracle that was. Of course it was only right I shared it with your guys.

Alright guys, it has been breezy. Thats slang for "fun" because I have to keep you guys up with the times.  Thanks again for taking the time out to read my blog, and I hoped you enjoyed it. It's cool smiles from here on out. See ya! <3 


P.S. It is Emily Dickinson, lol. 

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