A Story That Never Truly Ends

May 3, 2019

     It all happened on that fateful day, didn’t it? When Mama gave me the quilts, when Dee rode away in her car, when the story was supposed to end. However, a story never truly ends. We live our lives like a story, we carry on the stories of our ancestors, and even the stories we read as kids. That day, while I leaned against Mama, holding on to those two quilts as tightly as I could my eyes changed for the better, and I knew this was just the beginning of it all.

     “Are you sure you are ready to leave sugar? You know you only just finished up your schooling, you could always stay for longer.” Mama said, looking at me like she was scared to lose her once fragile puppy.

     I shook my head smiling at her, “Yes Mama, I am sure I’m ready to leave. You should know better by now I can handle it.” I replied back to her, having a very light-hearted attitude towards it all.

     We had spent most of that morning getting me all packed up to leave, and that silly old woman was still so worried I wouldn’t be alright. She knew this day was coming months ago, as soon as I finished my schooling I could tell by the look in her eye that she knew I was leaving. Why she was still so worried, I don’t think I’ll ever know.

     She nodded to me and left with some of the boxes, going to go pack them away into the moving van. When she left, however, it came to my attention that it was time to pack up those beautiful quilts. So that’s exactly what I did; I packed them away carefully and closed up the box to keep them as safe as possible.

     After a while we had managed to pack and put away all of my things, and it was time for me to head out on my own. With a few hugs, tears, and we love yous, it was finally time I left this old home. As I was driving away, until I was long out of sight, I could just see my family standing out front waving goodbye to me;it made me cry a little bit seeing it.

     Give or take five years later I had my own little family I loved to pieces, a charming husband, and two precious daughters to call my own. They may give me crap a lot of the time, but what child doesn’t? The two of them get along so well, and love reading stories together under one of the quilts. Only one of them, since I still have the other hidden to keep it safe and perfect, she would have wanted it that way. She would be so proud of me now if she was here to see that I have become a writer! She always wanted me to become big things...maybe one day she will know.

     You should have seen the girls looking so happy when I told them we would be going to the park today, and that they can have ice cream as well!

     “Really mommy? The park and ice-cream!” Little Wangero exclaimed, her eyes lighting up like the sky on the Fourth of July.

     “Mommy is the best, mommy is the best!!” The youngest one, Lilith, chipped happily at the thought of ice cream.

     It made me laugh softly, little Wangero acted just like her, fitting since she got her other name. Once I got them to calm down we headed out to the park, the two girls running off to the swings and slide, while I sat down on a bench and started to read my book. However, I also had a little box with me, just in case.

     After a little while, this very familiar voice came from behind me, and my jaw dropped at hearing it.

     “Heh, is that you Maggie? It’s been a while hasn’t it little sister?” Dee said from behind me, and smile can be heard very clearly in her voice.

     I had turned around to look at her, my eyes shining, and I could feel tears gathering at the edges of my eyes. She looked so beautiful, dressed in her very bright clothes, and her hair long and braided, “Dee!” I exclaimed in joy, before I saw she had two little children of her own, both girls.

     “Oh meet Pearl and Rose, my two daughters.” Dee said happily as she looked fondly at them.

     I smiled happily and replied back, “They can go play with my little girls, Wangero and Lilith, if you would want them.”

     The little girls looked up at their mother with pleading little eyes, and she finally caved in and nodded her head. The two of them ran off and played with my two children, their little yelps of joy could be heard as me and Dee talked for hours.

     As the sky had faded from blue to a beautiful orange and pink color as the sun faded, Dee called over her little girls and they were about to leave, but before they could.

     “Dee, I believe this belongs to you…” I pulled out the quilt I had been keeping safe and protected for over five years, just waiting for this moment.

     She turned around looking confused, but when she saw the quilt her eyes began to water and she walked over to me and hugged the quilt tightly, “Is--Is this the quilt? The real quilt?” she asked me through her tears.

     I nodded my head and smiled softly, “I’ve been keeping it safe since you left five years ago, so that way I could give it to you. My little girls got the other one so I wanted you to have this one.”

     Dee hugged me and the quilt tightly, crying all the while, “Thank you, thank you..”


     You may be asking yourself, what happened after that? Well me and Dee never lost touch again, and always met at the park to let the girls play while we talked about other things. Now that you’ve heard my story, it will never end, because as I said at the very beginning; a story will never truly end.


Published June 3, 1980



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