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April 23, 2019

Have you ever observed the sky and noticed that certain planes emit a white cloudy substance into the air above? When I was younger I assumed that these planes created clouds, but as my ignorance transformed into the knowledge of cloud formation I realized something was not right with these planes.

As many may know by now my “thing” is conspiracies. But there is a difference between the light hearted conspiracies that I normally do, and this conspiracy that makes the viewer think about what the actual power the government has over the people it rules over. I understand that we live in a democracy that “allows” the people to choose what they want to see within their country, but there is always the lingering question of our we truly in control.

The United States, or for short US, has always had this unspoken mado that the country needs “us” and that “we” are the people to govern and change our fates. “Our” country was marketed to other places drowning in poverty as a place of new beginnings, with rich and luscious land,  better living conditions, and money opportunities galore. Did these immigrants know that the immigrants that “established” this country actually ripped it from the grasp of the native people? Did these people comprehend that instead of treating them as equals and being on the level playing field that “they” would have to work ten times harder just to get the governing peoples scraps?

It may seem as if I’m going on a random rant about American History, but all of this information will come full circle. If we broaden our scopes on what I’ve previously typed you can notice that there is one common factor within it all…….the government doesn’t care about “US” it cares about their greater agenda.

What would truly stop the government from putting toxic materials into the air? We do have cars right. From vehicles and factories there is a wide span of things that pollute the earth. Although there are different things that make the processes of certain things better for “us” and the world, but “you always have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette.” Progress won’t stop even if some people might get hurt because of the profit some people will make. The conspiracy of ‘Chemtrails’ seems very unlikely but it makes you think. Would the government actually put out chemicals to control the population? They already genetically modify food and upcharge of the food that is better for you.

Fortunately, the trails are called ‘Contrails’ which is the combination of water vapor and the cold sky. There is always the thought in your mind though of what would the government really do to you?


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