The Egg

April 4, 2019

      Eh?! Oh hi there little one! you want to hear a story? Alright I’ll tell you a wonderful story about a little egg. Get comfortable, are you ready? Good, alright let’s begin. It all took place a long time ago, not actually I’d say maybe a year ago.

     I was walking through a forest near my home, like I did everyday. While I was taking this walk there was this strange tiny egg just laying there in the pine needles.

     The scene fades away and appears during the event.

     “What on Earth...why is there an egg in the middle of the forest.” I picked it up carefully and headed back home holding it close to me.

     When I got home I set the little egg down and went to go get a little towel for it to stay warm. However, when I got back there was this, maybe two centimeter tall, girl with glasses and a little notebook.

     I dropped the towel and just stared in shock at the small being, “W-what the…” I tried to stammer out just staring at her.

     The small girl looked at me and said, “You look like you’ve seen a ghost. Wait is there a ghost behind me?!” She looked around frantically waving her notebook around like she was hitting something away.

     “N-no there isn’t a ghost...well not that I know of...What are you?” I asked her slightly on edge.

     She looked at me her little eyes shining “Not what, who. I’m Maren! You aren’t my little family...where am I?” She answered me looking around confused and amazed.

     I looked at her and answered her with, “You’re in my home. Where is yours?” I picked her up by her tiny shirt and looked at her

She squealed and looked at me, “It's in the forest I think...there should’ve been someone with my egg.” she clutched her little notebook to her chest as she answered me.

     I smiled softly and put her on my head “Alright, well then let’s get you home. I believe I know where it is.”

     We headed off, the track taking roughly an hour or two to get back to the spot where I had found her. We talked and shared some laughs about some random topics I can’t even remember now. She even showed me her little notebook, which looked to have writing ideas.

     We had finally made it to where I found her, and I nearly fell backwards as there was a big man-like chicken with glasses and fluffy hair standing where I had found Maren, with an army of little people around him all looking worried until they saw us. Maren squeaked in joy as she climbed down me, and as soon as she hit the floor all of the little people surrounded her shouting out, “Momma Maren, momma Maren!”

     I watched laughing for a while before the chicken man led them all off back into a little cave with tiny desk and laptops. I looked after them wondering what I had just witnessed before turning around and heading home to make a sandwich.

     That was my story of the day I found an egg in the forest. Come back anytime for more stories….I’ve seen too much in my life.

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