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Saved By The Hack...

March 20, 2019

Welcome back guys! It's been a minute. I hope life has been treating you good, even though you lacked the most important thing in your life right now; my blogs. Let us not waste no more time and hope right into the things we love best; alternatives.

Here is a life lesson for ya! LIFE LESSON 101: Happiness starts with you! With that being said try to remember that the clothes on your back, the money in your pocket, or even that $800 phone in your hand won't bring you true happiness. Happiness is within, and some of the poorest people can also be the happiness. Keep that in mind as you travel throughout high school because you don't want to put your happiness in someone else's hand.  If you feel you are unhappy then ask yourself these questions: Am I where I want to be in life? Am I happy with the decisions I'm making? Do I love myself?

Moving on to school hacks, let me introduce you to something that will make you happy.  TAKING NOTES!! Whaaaaattt? That is obscured right? Yet it is true, writing relieves stress, and highlighting your notes in yellow actually makes you happier. Yellow is what we call a "warm" color. Anytime you feel overwhelmed take notes, highlight, then look at how pretty your page is. Wow! You got this, and this concludes our School hack 101 lesson.

We have made it to a brief closing. I know the blog is short, and maybe your are expecting a little more,  but hey I update by the week so there will definitely be more. Thanks so much for the support, and I hope to see you next week!




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