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March 15, 2019

Hello there my white rabbits! I apologize for the delay, but today I have a wonderful conspiracy for you to eat up.

Most people who read this blog weren't alive at the time of the Apollo moon landing. Other than the iconic tape of Neil Armstrong taking "one small step for man and one large step for mankind"what other evidence is there of Mr.Armstrong actually going to the moon. There are so many things wrong with the moon landing that NASA seems to be sweeping under the rug.


 In some of the pictures of the Apollo moon landing you can see the shadow of astronauts.This seems unlikely because they are supposed to be in space. It should be impossible to have a shadow in the endless vacuum of space. The actual film of the landing was destroyed due to the heat of the sun. This could seem normal, but why wouldn't NASA prep for a situation like this? NASA should have know that the suns waves would fry the tape. Also in other pictures there are no stars. This seems very strange because space is littered with stars.

 These different point seem as though that the moon landing may have more things hidden. Next time we will go into more depth about this conspiracy. Until next time seek out more about this conspiracy and leave comments below.

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