The Path That was Taken

March 8, 2019

     It is quite a funny thing to not be able to tell exactly which path led you down the long twisted rode that you went down. Sadly, that is what befell me one day after losing my beloved on a bike ride. A bike ride of all things! Did I not tell her to sit tight? Well there is no reason to be mad about it right now, what was done was done, I just need to get back to her; if only I could figure out which stupid path I had come from.

     Here’s my reasoning if these two men came from two different paths, then that knocks out two of my choices since I have no memory of passing by either of them. However, I have serious doubt either of them will take me in the slightest bit serious, they haven’t seemed to care very much about my story nor let out a helping hand to me. My poor beloved, I hope she doesn’t think I left her because of our small flight this morning… Or maybe that’s why she left me! No, she wouldn’t leave me over such a small fight, would she? Grrr I must find my way back to her now!

     With the outermost roads knocked out because these unhelpful men came from them, that just leaves the innermost two. After pondering for quite a while I decided to go down the right path of the two. Don’t question my reasoning it just looks the most familiar to me, like it struck a chord in my heart to go down this path. But, oh sweet lord was I not prepared to see what I did on this path! It was like a trip down wonderland, not that that’s bad, but still not the most enjoyable. But, let me just recount this time I went down the path to find my lovely wife.

As I was going along the path everything seemed rather normal, nothing really stuck out to me as unusual, oh was I in for a rude awakening. The further along the path I went it slowly dawned on me that maybe, just maybe, I had it my head on a rock. I say this because before I knew it there was a little shrimp of a man with bunny ears on his head.

     He looked at me and said, “Oh, hello there sir. You seem troubled, what brings you along the path that was taken?”

     I looked at him, then his bunny ears, then back at him and managed to stumble out, “Well you see I lost my wife on a bike ride, and I’m looking for her…”

However, before I could finish my story the bunny shrimp was running off going off about how he was late or what not. It took me a moment before I started to run after him yelling after him, “Hey, wait! Where are you going?!”

     But while I was chasing after this man another man appeared out of nowhere in front of me. This man, on the other hand, had cat ears and a cat tail! He was also wearing black and purple stripes, and might I add had a very sly smile.

     The cat man grinned at me and spoke softly, “What are you doing taking the path that was taken?”

     I blinked and stared at him shocked and replied slowly, “Uhm, first off your English is horrendous, Mr. Donn would have your head for that. Secondly, I lost my wife on a biking trip and I’m trying to find her again.”

     The cat man walked around me his eyes glowing as he purred out, “Well then you might need to go see the hatter, maybe he can fix your problem.”

     Before I had the chance to reply the cat was gone, and let me tell you I was questioning my sanity. However, I kept on my way down the path to find this said hatter, and before I knew it I saw a man in a top hat, with glasses, and curly brown hair with that cat sipping some tea. The first thought that came to my head was where on Earth did they manage to find tea?! Which was quickly followed by hoping this would all be over soon enough.

     I walked up to the hatter and the cat and looked them over before stammering out, “Are you the hatter and the blond Cheshire cat?”

    They both look at me and then back each other before the cat responded, “How did you know I was blond? I’m not in my natural form…”

     Before I could even ponder how I knew this the car turned from a male purple and black man with cat ears and tail, into a blond girl with the same black and purple stripes and cat ears and tail.

     The hatter chimed in with, “And how did you know I was Mr. Donn? You haven’t met me before...nor was the Cheshire cat in her normal form.”

     I stood there and pondered all of this before responding dumbly with, “I have no clue how I knew these two things sir…”

     The hatter and cat looked at each other before the hatter said, “Well maybe you should just wake up.”

     The Cheshire cat chimed in as well with, “Yes, you should just wake up. The path that was taken has come to an end.”

     And just as it had begun, I soon found myself waking up in the police office my wife looking down at me worried to death. I sat there dumbfounded by what had just happened, while the police where explaining to me that I had hit my head on a tree while taking a path that was far too dangerous to go down, when a man had found me and brought me here. I just nodded to whatever he said still thinking of my dream that didn’t seem like a dream. After we were cleared to leave, me and my wife got back on our bike, however, before I could paddle away I saw a man in a top hat walking with this black and purple striped cat…

     So, with that in mind, every path should be a path that you take. You never know who you’ll meet along the way!


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