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Conspiracy Wonderland with Miss Enigma

December 3, 2018

Hello there my white rabbits it's Miss Enigma here and today we will be talking about one Creepy Childhood Conspiracy that blows my mind. Most people that view that view this blog are probably in there teens. It is weird to think that the shows that we grew up on are not a innocent and wholesome as we think.

Everyone has seen or heard of the Rugrats. The show was composed of a group of babies and toddlers going on crazy adventures with not parental watch. There is Tommy and Dill the sons of Didi and Stu Pickles, Philip and  Lillian the son and daughter of Betty and Howard DeVille, Chuckie the son of Chas Fenster (he later marries and Kimi is introduced to the family), Susie Carmichael, and lastly Angelica Pickles. This theory surrounds around spoiled brat we know and love, Angelica. The theory is that Angelica is actually imagining the babies. The only baby that is real is her friend Susie. Tommy died soon after child birth and that is the reason why that Stu is constantly making children's toys for the child that he wish he could play with. Chuckie died in the car crash with his mother this explains why Chas is a nervous wreak. The baby that Betty had was still born so Angelica was never able to see the sex of the baby. This made her imagine the twins. In this theory the newer characters  like Dill and Kimi do not apply because they came in later movies and some of the last episodes. Also this theory transcends into the later adaption of Rugrats : All Grown Up. This part of the theory is very dark and involves Angelica going so deep into her obsession and mental illness that she relies on the help of drugs to coup.

That was crazy right. I do not condone that use of drug and if you are experiencing any type of emotional or mental issues seek help by a licensed  professional. That's it for now but come back next week for a new Conspiracy my white rabbits.

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