Top Movie and Recommendation This Week!

December 3, 2018

   Wassup you guys I am back with another movie and show to recommend today.


   For the movie of the week is a movie called "You Get Me". The movie is about a couple named Tyler and Ali, who have been together for a very long time and are madly in love with each other. One day though, they have a very huge fight and break up at a party they went to together. At said party, Tyler meets a girl named Molly. Molly is the out-of-towner who takes Tyler away from the party to her house to have a night to remember. The next day Ali takes Tyler back, leaving Tyler regretting everything he did last night. He also finds out the same day that Molly comes out of no where and transfers to their school. Molly will do anything at this point to get the man that she loves.

   For the show of the week is a show called "The Flash". This show revolves around a man named Barry Allen as he is working in his forensics lab when suddenly a bolt of lighting hits him, putting him in a coma. Waking up from the coma, Barry discovers that he can run faster than the speed of sound. He processes how it is to be the fastest man alive while fighting of evil meta-humans who has powers just like him.

   Well those are my top choices for top movie and show this week. See you next time!!!


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