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Saved By The Hack...

November 30, 2018

Let us dive into a interesting blog worth reading. The title isn't as bizarre as it sounds. You know how the routine goes. These school hacks will have you believing you've been going about school all wrong, and these life lessons will make you feel every struggle is all worthwhile. Life lessons and school hacks come by the week, so make sure to stay tuned for all of my internet commentary!

 Let's jump right into the "dets" of this week's life hack. School brings anxiety, as many students know. Some experience more than usual, and some kids hardly have to deal with it at all. LIFE LESSON OF THE WEEK: You have defeated one problem, and you'll defeat this one. Just remember to BREATHE! This is extremely important to everyone because anxiety leads to severe stress. Dealing with severe stress can cause early heart attacks, depression, and overthinking which can make you even more overwhelmed. If no one has told you today, or yesterday you're doing great. Keep up the good work! 

Being a Neville Tiger comes with an elite status. With the constant reminder that you go to an "A" graded school, you try your best to be a "A" graded student.  This can cause a tremendous amount of stress, but its okay. RELAX! I have just the school hack for you. SCHOOL HACK OF THE WEEK: Taking 30 minutes to an hour for a bubble bath can help relieve the stress and tension found in your body muscles. For an extra kink try using bath salts, and don't forget to use lukewarm water!










Thanks again guys for checking out and reading my blog. Once again I hope this blog was EXTREMELY helpful to ALL of my readers. Feedback is welcomed ANYTIME! How's that saying go? "No press is bad press." 


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