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Saved By The Hack...

November 2, 2018

   Amazing music trumps in, and we are back! Back to another spectacular blog where I'll introduce you to "more life more everything". Credits to Drake. This title isn't as bizarre as it sounds. You know how the routine goes. These school hacks will have you believing you've been going about school all wrong, and these life lessons will make you feel every struggle is all worthwhile.  Life lessons and school hacks come by the week, so make sure to stay tuned for all of my internet commentary!

    Let's talk money(if you aren't already talking about it right now).  Money is going to bring me happiness they say, money is going to help save my life they say. Then others say money is the brew of all evil, money is just money it's us humans that make it bad. Well let me give you the LIFE LESSON OF THE WEEK: My favorite things in life don't cost any money.  I took this life lessons directly from Steve Jobs, what a wise guy. If you're not understanding my good friend Steve then let me elaborate. You can find way more happiness in life if you stop letting your mind revolve around money all the time. 


   Ironically speaking of money, the SCHOOL HACK OF THE WEEK: How to keep you money from money snatching vending machines. 

Now I've taken it upon myself to share my deep dark secret with you guys. Sometimes having a dollar is all you have and other times you get extremely hungry, and you're stuck between a serious life or death decision.  Save your dollar or spend it? What if I told you, you'd no longer have to ask yourself this question ever again. I could just tell you to make sure to eat a healthy breakfast before school, but who is going to remember that? Today I want you to grab your lucky dollar, some tape and head to the vending machine! This is what you do: grab two pieces of medium length tape and put your dollar bill in between both of them. Make sure the tape is secure and is really clinching onto your dollar. Now put your dollar in the vending machine, pick the snack choice of your liking, wait for it to fall, and then snatch your dollar bill right back out! You'll have snacks all week for now on. You're welcome!

      I thought about starting the sentence off by saying "this concludes my blog...", but that just sounds all wrong.  Thanks again guys for checking out and reading my blog. Once again I hope this blog was EXTREMELY helpful to ALL of my readers. Feedback is welcomed ANYTIME! How's that saying go? "No press is bad press." 


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