Movie Reviews with Lexie: A Star is Born

October 26, 2018

   Hello once again, I'm glad you're back ! This week I will be reviewing A Star is Born. This is not your average Rotten Tomatoes. 

   This fresh new film, A Star is Born, was released into the public on October 5, 2018. Get your tissue boxes, and be prepared to have a giggle as you hear the heart-warming story of Jack and Ally. 

   The movie begins with Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) performing a show then exiting the stage as the "show" ends shortly after. The audience then follows as we meet Ally (Lady GaGa) a talented vocalist, who works a low-end job at a restaurant. The pair eventually meet as Jackson stumbles into a bar after the show and there she is, performing on stage. Later, he takes Ally to ANOTHER bar where fans of Jackson swarm him, which leads to Ally punching a man in the face. An important part of the leading action is Jackson and Ally sitting in a parking lot where she introduces him to a new song she is working on. The next morning, Jackson's chauffeur  arrives at Ally's house to bring her to Jackson's show, which she performs with Jackson. The remainder of the film shows the sequence of Jackson and Ally's love flourish as they build their relationship; Ally forms her own music career, and they eventually get married. However, the ending of the film has a grim outlook. (SPOILER) Jackson sadly commits suicide while Ally performs at one of her last shows before tour, and Ally is left to grieve and recover from losing her only love. 

   If this movie does not get awarded an Oscar for the incredible chemistry of the actors, and the acting itself, I will give them my own award. I loved the bond that Jackson and Ally formed from the beginning and they were loyal to each other until the end. The soundtrack of the entire movie also builds an amazing atmosphere that makes you feel as though you are experiencing everything with them. Dare I say that I'm obsessed with the entire concept and yes, I will continue to play the entire soundtrack in my car as I drive alone. 

 In conclusion, if you enjoy a love story for the ages or a great jam every scene, this is your movie. Let's just say... I'll be watching it many more times! GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! I rate this movie 10/10, never change A Star is Born!

   Leave suggestions on which movie I should review next week! Maybe your's will be next!:)))))


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