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Movie Reviews with Lexie: Coco

October 22, 2018

   Hello everyone on the world wide web today...thanks for coming back around! This week I will be reviewing Coco! This is not your average Rotten Tomatoes. 

   Unlike my usual movie reviews, I decided to take a stroll down memory lane. Coco was released in theaters November 22, 2017 and warmed the hearts of every audience member. Seriously people, this one was a tearjerker. 

   Coco begins with the backstory of a family, then the audience watches as the husband abandons his wife and daughter to go follow his dream of being a musician. We later learn that this family is the main character's (Miguel) past relatives. Due to the man leaving his family for music, Miguel's entire family sees it as a curse and does not allow music to be anywhere around them. The next scene fast-forwards as we watch Miguel's family prepare for dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Miguel LOVES music though and dreams to become a musician ,but when his grandmother finds his secret guitar and Miguel admits to enjoying music, she crushes both physically and mentally. Miguel then runs away into the night and breaks into his idol's (Ernesto de la Cruz) grave plot to play his famous guitar. Although whenever he does this, he is transported in the Land of the Dead and sees the bridge with people who have died crossing over to "visit" their families. Miguel's journey then continues as he travels the Land of the Dead in search of Ernesto de la Cruz with his new friend Hector. 

   Coco was one of the best movies I have seen in awhile, considering it is a children's movie. I feel as though corporations such as Pixar, Disney, ect. just pump out movies to feed the masses. However, Pixar hit a home run with this wholesome film. Coco also teaches young children a moral lesson: to value family and believe in yourself. The only negative review, is that I cried five different occasions while watching on my iPad at 4:00 am in the morning :/. 


 No matter how old you are, or if you are an emotional basket-case such as I, Coco is a fun family movie that everyone should enjoy! I rate this fantastic movie 10/10!

   Suggest what movie I should review next week! Maybe I'll pick yours!:))))








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