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October 1, 2018

   Hello Guys! Welcome back to the one and only "Saved By The Hack" blog. The only go-to blog you know for making your school year a breeze with handy dandy school hacks and worthy life lessons to live by. The title isn't as bizarre as it sounds. You know how the routine goes, the

school hacks will have you believing you've been going about school all wrong, and these life lessons will make you feel every struggle is all worthwhile. Life lessons and school hacks come by the week so stay tuned for all my internet commentary!

   Not to sound overly dramatic, but life lessons save lives. They basically play as a conscience, and since I'm giving out tons of them this school year, I'm basically saving your lives. You're welcome! ;) 

I know, sounds crazy right? It's the honest truth though, and if you want to keep thanking me definitely keep checking out my blogs every Friday. Now on to the main event. The Life lesson of The Week Is: "God said no weapon formed against you shall prosper, but he never said they wouldn't form".  With that being said make sure always keep your head even during the roughest times. You will face challenges, you will feel like a failure, but you MUST remember that you're none of that.  It's up to you on how you choose to react on certain situations choose wisely. Choose Happiness!

What would you kids do without me? Drop out? Dropping out of school is absolutely not an option, not matter how hard school gets. Hacks can make your school year so much easier and they're super fun to comply. Check this one out. Writing essays can be a complete bore

,super hard, and super stressful. Talk about meeting word count? Yikes!  The School Hack of The Week Is: "White letters" You read it right. Working hard on an essay and still not meeting the minimum word count can be super depressing, like super. Now, you don't have to worry. After typing your essay write a bunch of mambo-jumbo at the end of your essay. Highlight it in white and your teacher will never know.  You've finally meet word count and your stress can be relieved.

Thank you so much again for checking out my blog and reading it. Once again, I hope this blog was extremely helpful for ALL my readers.  If you have suggestions for future blog ideas feel free to shoot me an email( Feedback is welcome anytime! How's that saying go? "No press is bad press". ;) Also, don't miss next week's blog where I give a new secret life lesson, but I'll give you a hint on the next school hack. Your school just made a new cruel rule, and you're going to need help on sneaking food into class. Okay, maybe that wasn't a hint, and I just totally told you exactly what the hack was.  I suppose all the more reason for you to come read next time. Until next time. Kayla Bailey signing off. 




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