Movie Reviews with Lexie: The Nun

September 28, 2018

   Hello everybody visiting the world wide web today! This week I will be reviewing The Nun. This is not your average Rotten Tomatoes. 

   The Nun was released in theaters on July 9, 2018, and left the entire audience covering their eyes from the screen throughout a large portion of the movie. Honestly, I went to go see the film twice because it was that captivating. 

   The Nun, although being the last movie in the "series", is supposedly "where it all began" in the Conjuring universe. The beginning of the movie starts off featuring multiple scenes from the Conjuring and the Conjuring 2. In these scenes, there is a "nun" that that appears in Ed and Lorraine Warren (characters from previous movies) home. The film then jump cuts to an abbey in Romania, where two unknown nuns seem terrified of the task ahead of them. The last standing nun then commits "the ultimate sin", suicide, to escape what the audience sees as a nun coming toward her. 

   Since this incident occurred, Sister Irene (Taissa Farminga), a nun that is preparing to take her vows and Father Burke (Demian Bichir) are sent to investigate. Although the characters are only at the abbey for a couple days, they can already sense an odd presence. Throughout the film, this presence confuses and manipulates the characters while they try to end the presence once and for all. 

   As mentioned before, I went to go attend The Nun, twice. Even after seeing the movie once before, I was still screaming and hiding my face behind my hands the second time a round. Taissa Farminga and Demian Bichir were both casted beautifully, as they brought the characters to life. Unlike most horror movies I've seen recently, The Nun did not break from the genre, as in each second it felt as though a jump-scare would happen, which I enjoyed. Another excellent aspect of the film; loose ends were tied up with the series of movies AND the plot twists and turns kept you on your feet. The only disappointment in the entire movie was cheesy/cliche moments near the ending battle. 


    The Nun was one of the scariest movies of the year and ends the Conjuring franchise with a bang! I would definitely recommend going to see this movie, but be prepared for fellow audience members running out of the theater. 

   Leave your suggestions on which movie I should review next! Maybe I'll pick yours!






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