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Conspiracy Wonderland with Miss Enigma

September 25, 2018

Welcome to Conspiracy Wonderland my white rabbits! In this blog be prepared to learn about the world's craziest conspiracies. I can't lie, I stay up most weekends laying in bed cocooned in my comforter staring at YouTube videos about creepy and unholy matters. This spans from the celebrity deaths to real life demon sighting. This sounds wild, but hey I'm Miss Enigma. If you scare easily or have a weak bladder I advise for you to go watch Care bears in a highly lighted room. I gave you a warning, so if your still reading lets get crack-a-lackin!


Conspiracies are like 2 month old leftover no one know what they started as but we guess and speculate until sooner or late we just throw it away because it got old. With advancement in technology conspiracies are more prevalent than ever. I feel like it's fitting to talk about the best conspiracy of them all...the MANDELA effect! Sit down and grab a hot beverage because it's about to get all Twilight Zone up in here. For today we shall cover the basic Mandela effects that will make you want to punch your grandma, which I totally don't recommend but I do admit that what you are going to here will BLOW YOU FLIPPIN MIND!

Everyone remembers the Berenstein bears, right? Well guess what, your childhood has now been officially snatched. Its not the Berenstein bears but in fact it is the BEARENSTAIN bears. Pardon me but I think not, I will never ever believe this tomfoolery. I know I'm off my rocker but I swear that there was a peanut butter called "Jiffy" it sounds so iconic. Guess what, you can't have any "Jiffy" between your two buns slathered with delicious jelly because it doesn't exist. Boom bet your shook. I know I am, I vividly remember "Jiffy" but no we have to have some "Jif". What even is "Jif"? It sounds unappealing. Our final Mandela effect has to do with hotdogs. I personally don't care for them but each their own. Now I remember having Oscar Meyer hotdogs. If you remember this to than you are wrong for it is in fact Oscar Mayer. 

I think we have had enough life shattering Mandela effects for today. In the words of Selena Gomez in the Wizards of Waverly Place theme song "...everything is not what it seems."


Comment below on what you wanna dive into next my white rabbits.





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