Movie Reviews with Lexie: A Simple Favor

September 24, 2018

Hey everyone, every week I will be reviewing a new movie that has hit theaters!This is not your average Rotten Tomatoes.


A Simple Favor was released in theaters on September 14, 2018, and left the audience questioning each character every second of the movie. 

   A Simple Favor follows Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), a mom who is trying to find her "best friend", Emily (Blake Lively), who reached out to her four days earlier asking for "a simple favor", to pick up her child from school. However, the audience watches as Stephanie realizes that she did not know Emily as well as she thought. The film backtracks as it introduces us to how Emily and Stephanie meet, picking up their children from school. The two later become friends and spend a lot of time together, that is until she suddenly disappears. The next steps of action are seen as Stephanie digs deep to uncover where Emily might be. 

     This movie was one of the best cinematic productions I've seen in the last few months and deserves the income it is bringing in. There were so many twists and turns within the plot and it really left you on the edge of your seat, wondering what would happen next. The actors well deserve a round of applause due to their performance in these roles. Finally, the ending was amazing and definitely left me wanting to know where it would leave off. 




  A Simple Favor is not one for small children, as there is strong language and risque scenes. However, if you love a good mystery/thriller as much as the next guy, this movie is for you! 

    Leave your suggestions in the comments below on which movie I should review next! Maybe I'll pick yours!   



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