Where there’s a will, there’s a POTATO

September 22, 2018

Today we will be discussing the Top 10 Ways to Eat Potatoes. Each one of these is a favorite of someone’s, but this list is solely based on my preferences, so please don’t be offended!


10. Potato Skins - Although these are the healthiest part of the potato, they’re not everyone’s favorite. I was always told growing up, though, that these are just as good for you as antibiotics.

9.  Potato Salad - It’s as if every ingredient in this is its own microbe, every vegetable doing its own job and contributing to the flavor of the soup. It makes me really sad to put this item at number nine, but there are many other potato recipes that I find better.

8. Baked Potatoes - Everyone loves baked potatoes! Especially with some sour cream and bacon bits!! And they are really good with chicken.

7. Potato Chips - Who doesn’t love crunching on some yummy potato chips? Seriously name someone. I, myself, have tried to resist the temptation of snacking on these every day!

6. Potato Soup - Everyone has had potato soup at least once! Maybe you came home from school or church and got a big bowl of warm potato soup? It doesn’t matter how, but it always helps putting a brain to coming up with ideas and objectives for the day.

5. Hash Browns - Who doesn’t love a nice crispy hash brown with their eggs and sausage in the morning?

4. Tater Tots - Who doesn’t love to pop a tater tot in their mouth in between sips of a soft drink? Literally give me names

3.  Scalloped Potatoes - Everybody should love scalloped potatoes! It literally doesn’t even matter what people think… You aren’t allowed to have a negative opinion on these? They’re even really good promoters of a healthy diet.

2. French Fries - Everyone loves the modern American meal of some good french fries with their hamburgers and hot dogs!


Honorable Mentions: potato cakes, potato wedges, boiled potatoes, curly fries


1. Mashed Potatoes - For number one we have mashed potatoes, because there’s no way to mess them up, so they’re good no matter what! And they are good with any type of meat they are served with! 


Be sure to leave a comment suggesting what next week's Top 10 should be about!

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